Thursday, December 14, 2017

MTA New York City Transit to carry out E/M Line improvements during low ridership

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MTA New York City Transit to carry out E/M Line improvements during low ridership File photo

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) New York City Transit is set to carry out repairs and upgrades on the 53rd Street E/M Line during a week of low ridership at the end of the month.



The MTA will have more than 500 workers dealing with signal, track, drainage and other projects as part of the Subway Action Plan and long-term capital improvements.

"We pledged to do more work in less time as we work hard to improve the subway system, and this is yet another example," said MTA Chief Operating Officer and Acting NYC Transit President Phil Eng. "The schedule for this intensive Subway Action Plan and capital improvement work minimizes the impact on our customers while putting in new track, third rail and signal equipment for a more reliable ride. We appreciate our customers' patience while we do this critical work."

The work will be done in and near the 53rd Street tunnel between Manhattan and Queens, between Queens Plaza and 50 St.-8 Ave., from the early morning of Dec. 26 until the morning of Dec. 31.

MTA said the planned work schedule will allow an entire month's worth of weekend work to be completed in a five days. Normal weekend service, with the addition of New Year's Eve enhancements, will be in place well before the festivities kick off on Dec. 31.

The comprehensive Subway Action Plan and capital program work includes:

  • Installation of four miles of cabling for signal improvements including Communications-Based Train Control
  • 2,000 feet of third rail replacement
  • 700 feet of track replacement
  • 1,000 feet of track drainage clearing
  • Leak-eliminating grouting


MTA and NYC Transit officials say they have begun an extensive customer and community outreach program to inform the public about the planned work and related service options.

A video explaining the work and service options is available here.