Tuesday, December 05, 2017

NJ Transit gets winter ready

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New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) aims to help its customers navigate service limitations due to winter weather with a new tool this season.

This winter, the public transportation system's customers will have access to its new Severe Weather Schedules feature to clearly identify their travel options and make it to their destinations in a timely manner.

"In the midst of winter weather, visibility outside may be low, but we want our customers to have a clear picture of how much service we can safely operate and when their next train will be departing," said NJ Transit Executive Director Steven H. Santoro. "Our operations divisions statewide have prepared the transit system, equipment and facilities, and these Severe Weather Schedules allow our customers to be prepared, as well."

NJ Transit said it is making several additional efforts to prepare for and fend off the effects of upcoming winter conditions, such as having snow-fighting equipment stocked statewide should severe weather hit the area.

The public transportation system's hundreds of rail cars and locomotives have been "winterized," NJ Transit said, adding that its preventative maintenance program also entails the inspection and winter maintenance of more than 750 switches and switch heaters, overhead wire systems, 12 moveable bridges and wayside power at storage yards and terminals.

All NJ Transit locomotives are also equipped with snowplows to clear snow from the rails. The system has 20,000 pounds of salt on hand and said it can obtain an additional 100,000 pounds, as well, should the need to fight severe weather occur.

Switch heaters have been tested throughout NJ Transit's three light-rail systems, officials said. Snow blowers and backup generators have also been monitored to ensure they are in working condition.

NJ Transit said its management staff for all three light-rail lines will collaborate with local municipalities to coordinate snow removal in the light-rail's downtown 'street running' territory, as well.