Tuesday, April 03, 2018

SCVTA Board set to approve second phase of BART extension

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SCVTA Board set to approve second phase of BART extension SCVTA

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's (SCVTA) Board of Directors is set to vote at its April 5 meeting on the staff-recommended BART Silicon Valley Phase II extension project description.



The project description includes the downtown San Jose station locations and the single-bore tunneling method. The board is also expected to certify the environmental document related to the project at the same meeting.

SCVTA said the authority has evaluated various options to deliver the best and least disruptive project for the next six-miles of the BART extension into downtown San Jose and Santa Clara, Calif.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) authorized a three-month extension in January 2018 for SCVTA to complete the project development phase of the Federal New Starts funding program, which gave staff the ability to continue working with BART to address concerns.

After the Board votes on April 5, the project will need approval from the BART Board of Directors, which is scheduled to review the project description and vote at its April 26 meeting.

SCVTA said a Record of Decision is expected to come from the FTA in June 2018, which will allow SCVTA to start engineering and pre-construction work for the project's second phase.