Tuesday, May 30, 2017

G&W appoints President and CEO Hellmann as chairman

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John C. Hellmann John C. Hellmann Genesee & Wyoming

Genesee & Wyoming, Inc., (G&W) announced that John C. Hellmann, president and CEO, was appointed chairman of the Board of Directors.


This follows the previously announced retirement of Mortimer B. Fuller III, effective May 24, 2017. Hellmann will continue to serve as president and chief executive officer. Hellmann has served on the board since 2006. He joined G&W as chief financial officer in 2000, was named president in 2005 and succeeded Fuller as CEO in 2007.

Fuller had served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1977. He is a great-grandson of Edward L. Fuller, who founded the 14.5-mile Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company in 1899.

Also at G&W's May 24 annual meeting, the stockholders elected Directors Albert J. Neupaver, Joseph H. Pyne, Hunter C. Smith and Hellmann for the term that expires in 2020. Directors whose terms of office continued after the annual meeting are Richard H. Allert, Hans Michael Norkus, Ann N. Reese, Richard H. Bott, Øivind Lorentzen III and Mark A. Scudder.