Wednesday, May 09, 2018

NRC adds Urquhart, Bilow to board

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Brett Urquhart, left; Curtis Bilow, right Brett Urquhart, left; Curtis Bilow, right NRC

The National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC) has added to its Board of Directors Brett Urquhart of Vossloh/Rocla, vice president Class 1 Vossloh North America and vice president Rocla Concrete Tie, and Curtis Bilow, corporate director-Freight Rail/Regional Industrial Manager, Ames Construction.



"The NRC is thrilled to welcome Curtis Bilow and Brett Urquhart to the Board of Directors," said NRC Chairman Mike Choat. "Both Curtis and Brett will be fantastic additions to the Board, both personally and also as representatives of Ames Construction and Vossloh / Rocla Concrete Tie respectfully. Both Curtis and Brett are already active in NRC committee work."

Urquhart has worked in the railroad supply industry for more than 12 years, starting with Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc. He is currently vice president at Vossloh North America, and has previously led the sales and project teams for Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc.

He became vice president and part of the Rocla Ownership team prior to Vossloh's acquisition of Rocla in 2017, NRC said.

Urquhart also currently manages the Vossloh North America Sales team for all Class 1 contracts.

"The work that the NRC does has always been and continues to be important to the success of all contractors and suppliers in our railway industry," Urquhart said. "I am excited to join the Board of Directors for the NRC as I believe that my experience and my current roles representing both contracting work and the supplier base will hopefully add valuable perspective to our future direction."

Bilow began his time at Ames as a project manager in Arizona in 2005, becoming the regional industrial manager in 2012. Bilow was later promoted to corporate director-Freight Rail in 2016, NRC said.

He now serves as both business development lead and project sponsor managing Ames' major rail projects. Bilow is also the company's first contact for emergency rail work, coordinating with the regions to mobilize quickly wherever Ames is needed, NRC said.

Bilow is also on the Economic Development Committee for the American Railway Development Association, and is a member of multiple professional organizations, including the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association, North American Maintenance Railway Club, and the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

"The best way to contribute to the industry is to become actively involved," Bilow said. "It is an honor to join the NRC Board in its efforts to advance the interests of its members and the industry they serve."

Urquhart currently sits on the NRC Education Committee and Bilow sits on the NRC Membership Committee.

Urquhart was elected to fill the expiring seat of former NRC Chairman Bill Dorris, the association said.

"The NRC thanks Bill for over a decade of service to the NRC Board of Directors," NRC said in a statement.

Urquhart will be up for re-election at the end of 2018, and Bilow was elected to fill the NRC board seat of the late Nate Henderson. Bilow will be up for re-election in late 2019.