Friday, September 08, 2017

HAZON to make UAV software available for post-hurricane inspections

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HAZON to make UAV software available for post-hurricane inspections HAZON Solutions

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, HAZON Solutions says it will provide its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle fleet management software free to those involved in storm disaster response or recovery efforts in the United States.

The HAZON Drone Management Systemâ„¢ (DMS) provides drone operators with an online-based tool to track flights, manage maintenance and monitor weather and airspace.

"It is very important to HAZON that we do everything possible to help our fellow [UAV] operators make as efficient and effective as possible" said HAZON President Sean Cushing. "Having a proven management tool like HAZON DMS will allow the safe and rapid allocation of [UAV] teams. We have used it for Harvey and are busy using it to be effective for Irma preparations."

"With what's happened in Texas and as Irma looks to pack a punch on the east coast we are looking to do more than just send our teams in to the disaster areas to help out," said HAZON Vice President Ed Hine. "We're offering DMS to drone operators involved in the response or recovery for the next 3 months. Our hope is that DMS will help drone operators better coordinate and execute their flights, ideally the result will be better support for those who need it the most."

The company says the HAZON DMS is a secure, patent-pending, web-based application that provides any UAV operator or a corporation with UAV programs, with a fast and easy way to manage a fleet of UAVs. Users can input flight logs, aircraft maintenance needs and daily activities into HAZON DMS through the software. Supervisors can view all entered information from a desktop computer or mobile device, without the worry of updating multiple spreadsheets.

To take advantage of the free software, contact the HAZON team at sales​@​ or info​@​