Tuesday, June 06, 2017

ConnDOT to begin interlocking, dockyard projects in October

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ConnDOT to begin interlocking, dockyard projects in October Connecticut Department of Transportation

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) will begin two interlocking and dockyard projects in October rather than July to accommodate planned activities associated with the projects.

The CP243 Interlocking Project and the Danbury Branch Dockyard are independent of the planned Walk Railroad Bridge replacement, but must be completed in advance of the bridge work. The interlocking project will improve the operations on the New Haven Line during construction of the new bridge while the dockyard project will improve dependability of operations and minimize impacts to commuter rail services during bridge construction.

The CP243 Interlocking project includes the construction of a new four-track interlocking. The new interlocking will be approximately 2,200 feet long and is located on the New Haven Line between East Norwalk and Westport and approximately 1.5 miles east of the Walk Bridge. The $210-million project is expected to take three years to complete.

The Danbury Branch Dockyard project will improve and electrify the southern portion of the 24-mile branch line, from where it splits from the main line to approximately one mile north. The dockyard project consists of rail improvements from the wye of the mainline near Washington Street to the crossing at Jennings Place. These improvements, which include two new track sidings, track replacement/realignment, signal work and catenary system enhancements, will allow commuter trains that start or end in Norwalk to turn, or switch direction of service. The $75-million project will also take three years to complete.

ConnDOT will hold a public meeting on the construction details of the projects on a date to be determined in September at Norwalk City Hall, which will replace a meeting scheduled to occur in June.