Thursday, March 22, 2018

European partnership looks to develop smart ties

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European partnership looks to develop smart ties Greenrail

Crossties capable of data collection will be the development focus of a new partnership between technology and consulting firm Indra and Greenrail, an Italian producer of eco-sustainable crossties.

The two companies have signed an agreement to study the technical and economic viability of the development of a model of sustainable smart crosstie with capabilities of collecting, processing and sending real-time data to railway traffic control centers.

"The integration in Greenrail's sustainable ties of Indra's state-of-the-art systems opens the doors to new predictive maintenance functionalities, resulting in cost savings for implementation and energy and improving security, among other advantages," the companies explained in a release on the partnership. "Furthermore, the objectives of the agreement also include the joint development of other solutions and products aimed at the rail industry, as well as pilot projects for customers and R&D centers."